Our company powered up in 2009 in British Columbia, Canada and since then, we have become one of the fastest growing providers of renewable energy solutions. We manufacture, distribute and train to install SOLAR, WIND, & GEOTHERMAL powered products that are the best alternative to the current conventional electric powered generation.

The goal of Oasis Powerhouse is not only to harness technology, but also to advocate for the preservation and protection of our environment. Our aim is to INFORM, EQUIP and EDUCATE everyone about the feasibility of using clean green technology. We provide you with the proper knowledge and the tools that will enable anyone to achieve a healthier and more sustainable way of life.


Our mission is encapsulated by our simple goal: to inform, equip, and educate
Inform The Oasis Powerhouse™ website is an information platform for communities around the globe. Our goal is to reach out to all parts of society — individuals, schools, businesses, government organizations, and non-profit organizations, to raise awareness towards climate change and other environmental concerns. More importantly, we aim to promote sustainable renewable energy for a clean green environment.
Equip it is our long-term commitment to equip communities with reliable technologies such as Oasis Powerhouse™’s three-source energy supply system that uses solar, geothermal and wind energies.
Educate Sustainable green lifestyle is what Oasis Powerhouse™ aims for the communities around the globe. We conduct training and seminars to guide and equip these communities accordingly. We also provide full training for those individuals who wish to own an Oasis Powerhouse™ business license.


We aim to bring the Oasis Powerhouse™ technology forward – installed in every city which has a population of more than one million people, by the year 2020. Oasis Powerhouse™ can help our planet to achieve a better, brighter, sustainable future.

Chairman’s Message

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Oasis Powerhouse™, headed by its CEO, Archie Guvi, launched in the Philippines last October 13, 2015. It introduced a unique revolutionary technology called, “The Oasis Powerhouse,” which is composed of a three-source energy supply system that combines geo/solar thermal heating systems, solar panels, and a wind turbine to generate power. This kind of clean technology will enable homes or establishments to save on energy costs by lowering power usage, and can also help save the environment through the elimination of carbon footprint. While solar panels and wind turbines are no longer new to the renewable energy market in the Philippines, Oasis Powerhouse offers more choices with its solar air-conditioner and solar heater.

Archie Guvi
Chairman & Managing Director

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