Oasis Powerhouse Philippines Launching Event

MAKATI, Philippines – Oasis Powerhouse™, headed by its CEO, Archie Guvi, launched in the Philippines last October 13,2015. It introduced a unique revolutionary technology called, “The Oasis Powerhouse,” which is composed of a three-sourceenergy supply system that combines geo/solar thermal heating systems, solar panels, and a wind turbine to generate power.This kind of clean technology will enable homes or establishments to save on energy costs by lowering power usage, and can also help save the environment through the elimination of carbon footprint. While solar panels and wind turbines are nolonger new to the renewable energy market in the Philippines, Oasis Powerhouse offers more choices with its solar air-conditioner and solar heater.

Featured products

Featured products




It was then followed by the business event at 6:00 pm which was exclusive
for investors from the construction world.





It was a successful launch and negotiations are now ongoing for future installation projects.
With the company’s mission to equip communities with clean technology, Oasis Powerhouse will soon reach out to
the rest of the regions in the Philippines, and also in other parts of Asia

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