Oasis Powerhouse Business License


Want to be a part of the renewable energy industry? We, at Oasis Powerhouse  off a worry-free solution that may help make the process fast and easy for you. Partner with us and have the opportunity to operate and grow your own clean energy business.



Once you have acquired your Oasis Powerhouse license, you will be entitled it the following:

  • Training and development.
  • Business consultations to ensure your business continuous growth.
  • Marketing materials such as the Oasis Powerhouse official website and brochures.
  • Backend support to monitor your clients systems.


Also included with your licensing fees is a complete Oasis Powerhouse energy system which consists of the following:

  • 2KW PV system
  • 1 Solar Street Light
  • 1 Solar Fan
  • 1 Solar Thermal High Pressure System
  • 1 Low Pressure Solar thermal System
  • 1 1200 BTU Solar air conditioner
  • System controller

Due to a high demand for this technology, acquisition of an Oasis Powerhouse business license is on a first come, first served basis


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