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Oasis Powerhouse™ envisions a world powered by clean abundant renewable energy.  We believe this can be achieved by educating people, communities, and businesses worldwide about green technology, and how it can greatly improve lives.

We offer an intensive 1 week learning course to our students.  This includes a wide range of educational materials for all levels of learning in different kinds of languages.  The goal of this training is to equip you with proper knowledge and skills to prepare you for the launch of your clean energy business.

Who should take the class?
  • Anyone interested in learning about renewable energy, the technology behind it, and the business opportunity it offers
  • Entrepreneurs who want to explore or expand their business
  • Contractors, home builders, and developers
What will you learn?
  • Introduction to solar, geothermal, and wind energies
  • Overview of system types and components
  • Electricity basics
  • Introduction to inverters and charge controllers
  • Overview of electrical utility systems and requirements
  • System maintenance practices and procedures
  • Hands-on learning
If you are interested to join the rapidly fast-evolving industry of green technology, call us at P: 1-604-259-8052 to register.

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