Oasis Powerhouse

From a glimmer of innovation to a radiant revolution: How we began to harness the power of the sun

          Archie Guvi, originally from South Africa but residing in Maple Ridge since 1987, was deeply moved by the devastating effects of drought in his childhood village during a visit in 2006. Witnessing the suffering of the people and the death of livestock due to prolonged drought inspired him to develop an innovative solution for a greener, cleaner world.

          Guvi’s idea was to combine three eco-friendly technologies in buildings, enabling them to generate their own energy and occasionally feed excess power back into the grid. The Oasis Powerhouse system incorporates solar, geothermal, and wind energy to ensure year-round electricity generation, even contributing surplus power to the grid. This approach not only benefits homeowners but also supports British Columbia Hydro’s net metering program.

          The first residential project to utilize the Oasis system was Solara Homes in Chilliwack, with additional projects in Hope and Keremeos in the pipeline. Guvi emphasized that the aesthetics of their technology do not compromise the landscape, as wind turbines are no taller than chimneys.

          While green energy technologies were historically expensive, Guvi noted that costs have significantly decreased, making them more accessible to consumers. The Oasis Powerhouse system boasts a 25-year warranty and improved efficiency, even producing energy on cloudy days.

          Guvi’s commitment to sustainability led to a preference for local manufacturers, aligning with the philosophy of conserving energy rather than importing technology from distant countries. He believes that collective efforts, including contributions from homeowners and developers, can address climate change. The Oasis Powerhouse system offers flexible packages for different building types and can be retrofitted into older structures, offering a significant step toward a sustainable future.

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