Our Planet!

by: Archie Guvi


The war on Climate?

As the war on the environment rages in the political and scientific arenas of the western world, I cannot help to think that the most important parties to this war are left off the negotiating table. The developing and underdeveloped world accounts for eighty percent of the world’s population. We need to engage and involve them in the fight for climate change.

Climate change is not the same as the G8. It is not about how much money a country or a person has, it is about protecting our planet. I do not believe for one minute that global warming can be fixed by throwing money at it. Yes money will go a long way; however what we need is a change of habits. We have become more urbanized than our predecessors. Lets take for instance how life has changed in the last one hundred years. In the year 1900 the population was 1.650 Billion and halfway through the twentieth century we added another billion people. During the balance of the twenty-century we doubled in size. The first thirteen years of the twenty first century we added another 1.11 billion people.

Today 54% of the world’s population lives in urban areas. It is estimated that by year 2050 66% of the population will be residing in urban areas. In 1990 there were ten megacities in the world. In 2014 there are now 28 megacities with more than 10 million people in each. In year 2030 it is estimated that there will be 41 mega cities. Small cities are growing rapidly mostly in Africa and Asia. A recent UN reports said cities produce 70% of greenhouse gases.

In simple terms, we are growing our cities and the population resulting in growing carbon footprint. Unfortunately, we are not growing our planet. Instead we are depleting its resources. Where does that leave us, on a crash course for disaster?
Newton’s third law of Physics says for every action in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Education is key in involving the eighty percent of the world’s population. Throwing money to third world developing and underdeveloped nations alone is not going to help with climate change. I believe that we need to involve them in the conversation and enlist their services. Global warming should not be about the haves and have not. It requires participation from all. Perhaps one of the turning points in world war two was when the allied countries enlisted the help of most nations to fight the Nazis. By doing so it became their war. I believe education is the most effective way to combat greenhouse gases.

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