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Oasis Powerhouse BESS Battery Energy Storage

Innovation meets reliability in our BESS Battery Energy Storage Container. Packed with high power density, seamless digital connectivity, multilevel safety features, black start capability for uninterrupted power, and unparalleled scalability, it offers ultra-fast response times, flexibility for various applications, and effortless plug-and-play installation. Embrace the future of energy storage with confidence and ease.
Our partner company, Dawnice is a pioneering container energy storage supplier, they tackle power crises head-on. Swift, reliable solutions ensure uninterrupted services during grid failures, emergencies, or peak demand. By providing instant backup power, we empower industries and communities, transforming crises into opportunities for sustained operations. With us, resilience meets innovation.
Our commitment stands strong. Our container energy storage optimizes distribution, seamlessly integrates renewables, and eases grid strain. From factories to remote areas, we deliver consistent power, advancing sustainability. As dedicated partners, we redefine energy access, steering towards a brighter, greener future. Join us in shaping tomorrow’s energy landscape.

Bess Renewable Energy Technology

Indoor Energy Storage Cabinet

Step into a realm of efficiency even within confined spaces – our indoor energy storage cabinets revolutionize energy optimization. Tailored for controlled environments, they ensure unparalleled performance while safeguarding your investment. With us, your energy solutions are smart, efficient, and space-conscious.

Outdoor Energy Storage Cabinet

Embrace the power of adaptability across diverse terrains – our outdoor energy storage cabinets stand as beacons of resilience. Engineered to conquer challenges posed by the elements, they deliver performance and reliability without compromise. With us, outdoor settings become realms of energy empowerment, where every condition is met with steadfast power.

Container Cabinet

Unleash the potential of instant, customizable power solutions – our container energy storage units redefine mobility. From hybrid-ready innovations to tailored energy at your command, we transform the notion of on-demand energy. With us, containers become vessels of progress, carrying your energy aspirations to new horizons.

Oasis Powerhouse Energy Storage Container

Customizable Battery Power Range

We offer a wide spectrum of customizable battery power options for our container energy storage solutions, catering to diverse energy demands. From smaller setups to large-scale installations, our tailored battery configurations ensure your energy storage aligns perfectly with your specific requirements.

Intelligently Designed Enclosures

Our enclosures are meticulously designed to accommodate various battery capacities while maximizing space efficiency. This ensures that our container energy storage systems maintain their compact footprint without compromising on performance, making optimal use of available space.

Profitability through Empowering Energy Supply

By harnessing our container energy storage solutions, we empower you to not only meet your energy needs efficiently but also generate revenue. Through grid services, load shifting, and peak demand management, our systems not only provide uninterrupted power but also open doors to profitable ventures, transforming energy storage into a strategic asset. We can undertake 1mw battery, 2mw battery, 5 mwh battery, 10 mw battery storage, 50mw battery, 100mw solar project

Power density

With our container energy storage solutions, power density takes center stage, enabling you to harness substantial energy output within a minimal footprint. This means efficient use of space without compromising on power, offering you a dynamic advantage in optimizing energy resources and maximizing your operational potential.

Digitally connected

With cutting-edge digital connectivity, Dawnice bess energy storage units transform into intelligent energy hubs. Real-time data monitoring and remote management empower you to fine-tune energy distribution, ensuring you’re always in control of your power resources.

Multilevel safety

Safety is paramount in our container energy storage systems. Through advanced multilevel safety protocols, we guarantee the security of your energy investments, prioritizing user safety, system integrity, and peace of mind.

Black start

Prepare for the unexpected with our container energy storage’s black start capability. In the event of a grid outage, our systems can initiate power generation independently, becoming your reliable source of energy when you need it most.

Scalable in size

Our container energy storage solutions offer scalability without boundaries. Whether you’re scaling up to meet growing demands or starting with a smaller capacity, our systems seamlessly adapt to your evolving energy needs.

Ultra-fast response

Experience the speed of energy at your command. Dawnice commercial battery storage systems boast ultra-fast response times, ensuring instant power availability when you activate the system. This rapid response is essential for critical applications and rapid demand changes.

Flexible use

Adaptability is our hallmark. Our Dawnice container battery storage units are engineered for diverse applications, from supporting renewable energy integration to providing backup power during peak demand. Their flexibility meets your energy goals, whatever they may be.


Effortlessly transition to efficient energy solutions with our plug-and-play container systems. Dawnice catl bess power designed for seamless integration, they eliminate complex setup processes, enabling you to harness the benefits of advanced energy storage without unnecessary complexity.

Multiple Applications

For Grid and Public Utility Service Providers

For Commercial and Industrial Sites

For Factory and Manufacturing Facilities

For Community and Residential Use

For Charging Pile Infrastructure

Multiple Applications

For Grid and Public Utility Service Providers

Grid Stability and Reliability: Dawnice bess solar storage enable grid operators to balance supply and demand efficiently. By storing excess energy during low demand and releasing it during peak periods, these systems contribute to grid stability, reducing the risk of blackouts and enhancing overall reliability.

Renewable Integration: The intermittent nature of renewable sources can strain grids. Container energy storage offers a seamless way to integrate renewable energy by storing surplus power and releasing it when needed, ensuring a smoother integration of clean energy into the grid.

Demand Response: Dawnice battery storage container supports demand response programs by allowing utilities to modulate energy consumption during peak demand hours. This reduces the need for costly peaker plants and supports grid optimization while offering cost savings to consumers.
Energy Cost Management: Businesses can benefit from Dawnice bess storage system by reducing peak demand charges. During periods of high demand, the system releases stored energy, effectively shaving peak loads and minimizing electricity costs.

Uninterrupted Operations: Containerized storage offers an uninterrupted power supply, crucial for industries where downtime translates to financial losses. It safeguards against power outages, ensuring continuous operations without disruptions.

Emergency Backup: In regions susceptible to power outages due to natural disasters, container energy storage provides a reliable source of emergency backup power, safeguarding sensitive equipment and preventing downtime.

For Commercial and Industrial Sites

For Factory and Manufacturing Facilities

Load Shifting: Dawnice container energy storage allows factories to shift energy-intensive processes to off-peak hours when electricity rates are lower. This optimizes energy costs and reduces strain on the grid during peak times.

Power Quality Improvement: Voltage sags and surges can damage equipment. Dawnice bess solar storage offer power conditioning capabilities, ensuring stable and high-quality power supply, thus protecting sensitive machinery.

Peak Load Management: Factories often face high electricity demand during production peaks. Container energy storage can alleviate this by providing extra power during these periods, reducing the need for grid-supplied peak power.
Community Resilience: Dawnice ess battery pack provides communities with a backup power source during emergencies, fostering resilience and ensuring essential services can continue in times of need.

Shared Energy Solutions: Dawnice bess battery storage can be employed in community microgrid projects, enabling local energy sharing and optimizing energy distribution within the community.

Demand Charge Reduction: In residential areas where demand charges apply, container energy storage helps homeowners manage peak demand, leading to lower electricity bills.

For Community and Residential Use

For Charging Pile Infrastructure

Fast Charging Optimization: Dawnice energy storage container enhances fast charging infrastructure by storing excess energy during low demand and releasing it during peak demand. This supports quick and consistent charging without stressing the grid.

Grid Support: The high-power demands of charging stations can strain grids. Container energy storage systems offer grid support by supplying power during sudden spikes in demand, maintaining a stable energy flow.

Energy Time-Shift: Charging stations can leverage Dawnice container battery storage to time-shift energy consumption, charging electric vehicles during off-peak hours when electricity rates are lower.

Each of these scenarios showcases the versatility and benefits of container energy storage, making it a valuable asset in transforming how energy is generated, distributed, and consumed across various sectors.

Anatomy of Oasis Powerhouse Energy Storage Container

ISO Container
Input Cabinet
Power String
Inverter Cooling
Inverter Cabinets
Control Cabinet
Battery Racks
HVAC System

Solar Engineering Project

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