Oasis Powerhouse

Residential solution

Oasis Powerhouse wants every homeowner in the Philippines should have access to reasonably priced, dependable, and environmentally friendly electricity. To help you lower your energy bills and carbon footprint while obtaining dependable and uninterruptible electricity, we offer a variety of residential solar options, including solar panels for homes, solar aircons, wind turbines and solar pumps.

Solar energy can be used for ventilation, lighting, and cooking. The advantages of using solar energy in homes include a less carbon footprint, lower electric costs, mitigates climate change , and maybe increased property prices.

To achieve the greatest levels of efficiency and dependability, we employ solar panels that are constructed with the most up-to-date technology and premium components. They are the perfect option for homes wishing to harness the power of the sun because they are made to resist the severe weather and intense temperatures that are typical in the Philippines.

No matter if you want to save your energy bills, safeguard yourself from power outages, or earn more money through net metering, oasis powerhouse may assist you in achieving your objectives. Our team of skilled solar professionals will collaborate closely with you to create a solar house in the Philippines that is customized to meet your unique requirements and price range.


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