Oasis Powerhouse

Microgrid solution

Oasis Powerhouse can be your reliable partner in offering microgrid to lower your power expenses. Oasis Powerhouse goal is to deliver sustainable energy sources through the building of massive solar panel farms, revolutionizing the industrial sector.

The industrial solar panel solutions we provide at Oasis Powerhouse are geared at supplying the energy requirements of companies and organizations working in a variety of industrial sectors.

In addition to enabling remote and isolated places to benefit from being linked to a larger grid, microgrids can also increase the reliability of energy availability in the event of widespread outages brought on by weather or other unforeseen occurrences. Due to this, they are beneficial in common places as well, such as city hospitals and schools. Even urban residents can gain from putting up their own solar microgrids since doing so allows them to develop their energy independence from the grid, take control of their energy use, and eventually lower their energy costs.

 To achieve the highest levels of efficiency, dependability, and lifespan, our industrial solar panels are constructed with the most recent technology and premium materials.

No matter if you want to save your energy bills, safeguard yourself from power outages, or earn more money through net metering, oasis powerhouse may assist you in achieving your objectives. Our team of skilled solar professionals will collaborate closely with you to create a solar house in the Philippines that is customized to meet your unique requirements and price range.


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